I don’t even want to know what the Ashley Tisdale one is about

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Lea and Matthew Paetz in NYC (x)

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In honor of Cory’s one year I’ve decided to make this shirt.
Get yours here —>

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loveleamichele7 said: Marilyn (musical) (:


Me, Who Am I - Cinderella

Anything You Can Do - Annie Get Your Gun

(A) Rumor in St. Petersburg - Anastasia

In Love with You - First Date

Les Poissons (Reprise) - The Little Mermaid

You’re Going Back To Jail - Bonnie & Clyde

N.Y.C. - Annie

- Cynthia

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Anonymous said: Do you remember anything she said that was funny? :D


Do you believe me if I say that I don’t remember anything from yesterday? I really don’t know how that’s possible. The expressions she had on her face like half of the time, were surely the funniest thing.

But, like I said, I have a few videos. I should watch them and answer again. oh! but I have one thing: she found a funny way to promote her book. The question was like “how can we keep on dreaming?” and of course she said that she wrote her book about it and we should all buy it. (something like: you want my advice about how you can keep dreaming? i wrote it in my book! and then she made the “game” meme face ahaha) But the way she said, it was really funny. Oh, and then she kept making compliments to the interpreter, when she translated what Lea said in English.

Anonymous said: Oh yeah I heard that! What did she do with them exactly (if you can remember haha!)? Sorry if I'm harrassing you btw... You can ignore me if you want :D


What? No, I really don’t mind answering some questions! 

So, two people had a shirt with a pic of Lea on, she kept saying “ohhh, it’s nice!” and they said she did various expressions that made them laugh. Like, they wanted to cry but she always made them laugh.

This one person attended the three m&g (with Naya, Dianna and Lea) and said that she was the funniest. 
She thanked them every time they complimented her 

Anonymous said: Because people say she's a diva but everytime events like this happen everybody says she's so nice!


She really was nice to everyone. She kept playing around and joking with the people on the first row. I had a really good impression. 

Lea and Matthew Paetz in Italy (x)

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Young Lea holding Louder ^-^
It wasn’t my idea, credit goes to Edy for suggesting it ^^


Young Lea holding Louder ^-^

It wasn’t my idea, credit goes to Edy for suggesting it ^^

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